Phil Green Red Monkey.png

Owner & Technical Manager


With almost three decades worth of industry experience, Phil is a highly skilled video producer, director, camera operator and editor from New Zealand.

Having worked for major global brands such as CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Vice and Red Bull Media House, Phil regularly oversees major projects from conception to completion and in line with allocated budgets.

Phil pulls together all strands of creative and practical talent to create exceptional teams.

Peter Karam.png



Peter is a business leader and social entrepreneur born and bred in Jo'burg, South Africa.

Early in his career, he made his way to the Middle East where he lived and worked in Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and currently in Dubai, UAE looking after 16 markets in the region.

Peter is an MBA graduate from the university of Liverpool, carrying 17+ years of marketing, sales, p&l and operations experience with premium FMCG brands, leading and collaborating with diverse teams and complex distribution across multiple territories.


Executive Producer


Two decades industry experience in broadcast television.

Kim Kelaita produced for CNN’s business show, “Marketplace Middle East.” She is renowned for securing high-profile interviews, having gained CNN’s first exclusive interview with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Since 2016, Kim has been moderating regional panels with a focus on oil, gas, and energy. Moderating at a large number of global conferences, including, KPMG’s AGM, DUETS-FIM, Abu Dhabi Ports Authority, Abu Dhabi International Petroleum and Energy Conference (ADIPEC,) EGYPS 2017, and Thysseen-Krupp.


Executive Producer


Jim Stenman is a media entrepreneur and broadcaster with extensive industry experience.

Jim spent nearly a decade at CNN International, producing original content for, social media and CNN’s flagship news program “Connect the World with Becky Anderson.”

Most recently, he contributed to the network’s coverage of Pope Francis‘ historic visit to the Arabian peninsula and covered Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 program, producing interviews with key figures such as Energy Minister Khalid Al Falih as well as UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed and Emirates’ CEO Tim Clark.


Creator & Producer


Producer, writer, director, animator, camera and editor.

Born in Amsterdam, raised in Alaska and a graduate of Princeton University, Will possesses a veritable Swiss Army Knife of design talents ranging from producer, creative director, commercial animation to prototyping and UX design.

His past clients have included DTCM, Coca-Cola, Budwesier, Charmin and Hershey’s.


Director of Photography


Film and television cinematographer with two decades industry experience.

With 11 Feature films, Countless commercials, Documentaries and live events, Shane has worked with some of the best names in the UK and US film industry including, Director Ralph Fiennes, Barry Ackroyd BSC, Gavin Finney BSC, Dick Pope BSC, Robert Driskell ASC, Paul Wheeler BSC and underwater DP Mike Valentine BSC.

Rowan McKay.png

Senior Editor


Senior editor, creative content producer and post production work flow management.

Equipped with an entire post-production facility, Rowan lives and breathes all things editing. He has extensive network television background and he won’t go home until he perfects every single edit.


Production and Marketing


Jessa has a brilliant command of the production process.

With excellent multinational communication skills and the ability to multi-task under high-pressure, she has been a welcome addition to the Red Monkey production team.